Booking the Oliver Phelps for an Event

As a general rule, events are booked at the Oliver Phelps B&B Oct through May.  Exceptions during the peak season are possible based on the scope of the event.  By scope we mean the amount of time, which day(s) of the week, the extent to which the property will be used, and any possible modifications required to the standard configuration of the inn.

Please consider sharing the following information with the innkeepers so we can best address your needs:

  • What is the event? 
  • Lodging and prep for wedding party 
  • Yoga Retreat
  • Anniversary/Birthday
  • Family Reunion
    * For larger parties there may also be availability to book with other Inns on main st that are with-in 5 mins walk.  Please consider booking 6 months in advance to secure all 3 B and Bs
  • How do you propose to use the inn?  What spaces/rooms are needed, and any rearrangement of the furnishings?  (We’re looking for set-up, take-down, cleaning factors to assess our ‘level of effort’ and risk to property and preceding/following guest bookings.) 
    • Make-up  (In one room, or multiple rooms?)
    • Photography  (using guest rooms, common spaces, grounds; weather permitting 🙂
  • How many people will be attending?  Overnight capacity is 2 per room and 10 total for the inn (5 rooms). 
    • Will there be other people besides OP guests coming to the inn during the day?
  • How many days/nights do you require use of the inn? (what days of the week?)  Any arrival or departure times differing from our standards?
  • How many vehicles will be parking?  We have overnight parking on the property for six vehicles.  There is no overnight street parking in Canandaigua.  Daytime parking on Main St. and Academy Place will accommodate more vehicles.

And for your planning purposes we want to acquaint you with our requirements: 

There may be a fee associated with booking the entire inn and it varies based on the answers to the above criteria.   We can quote a price once we have the information.

The inn kitchen is not available for guest use.  This is not negotiable (an issue of code compliance).  The innkeepers can perform prearranged food preparation for an event.  Catering options can be discussed with the innkeepers.

Deposit and cancellation horizons are not the same as routine room bookings.  A deposit for the first night for each room is due at booking.  Full payment is due 30 days prior to arrival.  The deposit (first night) is non-refundable if the booking is cancelled within 30 days of arrival.  The remainder of the payment may be refunded as rooms are resold.